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Guiding You Through the Probate Process

Many people have misconceptions about the probate process. It is true that if it is not properly done, probate expenses can mount and even result in litigation. With the help of an experienced probate law firm though, the estate administration process can be smooth and trouble-free.

The Ridgewood probate administration attorneys at the law firm of The Manna Helmy Law Group have advised and assisted executors for many years. We understand the process and will work to wrap up the estate’s affairs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact our team today to speak with a knowledgeable probate lawyer.

Experienced Handling Of All Estate Administration Matters

Since 1975, our attorneys have helped handle all estate administration matters, including:

  • Advising the executor as to his or her duties
  • Setting up a system to track and control expenses
  • Helping marshal the estate’s assets and identify debts
  • Assisting the executor in paying off nondischargeable debts and distributing assets
  • Paying off estate taxes or obtain a waiver of estate tax lien
  • Filing all necessary papers and tax returns

The Manna Helmy Law Group often represents both in-state and out-of-state executors in estate matters involving property and assets in New York and New Jersey.

Timely and Cost-Effective Probate Services

The goal of The Manna Helmy Law Group is to provide fast, efficient and cost-effective probate administration services. The key here is our firm’s accounting expertise.

The founder of our firm, Michael A. Manna, has a strong accounting background, having worked for one of the largest national-certified public accounting firms in the country. Our firm utilizes computerized accounting programs that track expenses, estate revenues and distributions of assets. The executor can get an up-to-date analysis of the status of particular estate assets and debts and of the outstanding tasks yet to be completed.

When a problem does arise, such as a real estate title issue, our experience enables us to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

The Manna Helmy Law Group also represents plaintiffs and defendants in probate litigation. We have the experience necessary to protect your rights and interests, and answer any questions you have along the way.

Common Probate Questions

As we help our clients through their probate needs, they commonly have questions about the process. To help you get the information you need as soon as possible, we have answered some of the more common questions we receive here:

What mistakes often lead to probate?

Many things can lead to probate, including a lack of a will, not titling assets or failing to update beneficiary designations. A minor oversight can lead to significant issues, making it important to update your estate plan whenever possible properly.

What common misconceptions do people have about probate?

One of the biggest misconceptions about probate is that you can avoid it with a will. In fact, your will may likely go through probate to validate it before estate administration. Another misconception is that probate will always be a long and expensive process, but the truth is that smaller estates can actually experience the opposite.

How can we prepare in advance?

Proper preparations for probate include developing a thorough estate plan that includes a will, trust, asset titling, and current beneficiary designations. When you need a New Jersey probate administration attorney, we can help you review your estate plan and ensure you are doing everything possible to avoid probate.

Start Planning For Tomorrow With Our Help

We handle all estate administration matters, including disputes involving estate litigation. Contact our Ridgewood probate administration lawyers online or call 201-345-3018 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. We represent clients throughout New Jersey and New York.