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Estate Planning Archives

Using safe deposit boxes for estate planning documents

Once an individual or family has completed their estate plan, the next step is to determine how to properly store the resulting documents. In order for one's estate planning efforts to produce the desired results, the designated individuals who will handle the estate will need to access the documents that make up the overall plan. Securing a safe deposit box is an excellent option for many New Jersey families, but it is important to understand how these boxes are used.

Estate planning across state lines

Quite a few New Jersey residents own assets in different states or spend time traveling between two or more states. In such cases, estate planning can become complicated. The laws of one state may conflict with those of another, and assets can be bogged down as the courts try to determine how to move forward with the inheritance process. In addition, excessive taxation and fees can be incurred when multiple states are involved.

Is a will an outdated type of estate planning tool?

New Jersey residents have more estate planning options today than ever before. In fact, the sheer volume of available choices can be confusing and can lead many to feel overwhelmed. Some people feel that, with all of the available options, the will has become obsolete as an estate planning tool.

Unmarried couples have unique estate planning needs

A great many young people in New Jersey fail to recognize the importance of creating a comprehensive estate plan. This is especially true among young couples who feel (and rightfully so) that their lives will be long and happy and that the need for estate planning is something to consider later in life. In reality, however, unmarried couples do not share the same rights as married families and should create an estate plan that addresses those inequities.

Reduce stress with this simple estate plan approach

For many New Jersey families, the period of time immediately following the loss of a loved one is stressful enough. Adding layers of complexity on top of the grieving process only serves to make this time even more difficult and should be avoided whenever possible. Often, the best way to reduce tensions and promote harmony among surviving loved ones is to create a simple estate plan that is focused on the wants and needs of those left behind.

A simple estate plan need all parents share

When many New Jersey residents consider estate planning, they imagine the manner in which their assets will be distributed at the conclusion of a long and happy life. While this is the ideal outcome of any estate planning effort, it is not the only reason why creating even a simple estate plan is a need that everyone shares. Estate planning offers different benefits for different stages of life. A prime example lies in the need that parents of minor children share to designate guardians for their kids. These needs change obviously as children mature into adults.

New Jersey residents should be wary of estate planning scams

While many people recognize the value of creating a comprehensive estate plan, they also want to save money while addressing that need. They sometimes look for savings in estate planning services, and they can become victims to a range of scams that prey on individuals in New Jersey who are bargain-shopping for legal services. These scams can take a number of forms, some of which are difficult to immediately identify.

A longer life means a shift in estate planning

Americans are currently living longer than ever before thanks to revolutions in healthcare and medical technology. Researchers estimate that the average lifespan is now nearly twelve years longer than it was in the 1940s. As a result, the estate planning approach taken in decades past is no longer valid for many New Jersey residents.

How to select an estate planning attorney

Choosing a legal professional to guide the process of creating a comprehensive estate plan is an important task. The individual who is trusted with this role will have a great deal of impact on the finished product, and New Jersey residents should take the time and effort needed to find the best possible estate planning fit. As with any other professional, one of the best ways to search for a good match is to ask for referrals.

Why young people need to consider estate planning

Many In New Jersey are aware of the tragic death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the late singer Whitney Houston and her former husband, Bobby Brown. Bobbi Kristina was in a comatose state for six months after being found face-down within a bathtub in her home. Her family has gone through a very bitter and public fight concerning her care, as she did not have the proper estate planning documents in place that would clarify those matters.