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Posts tagged "special needs planning"

Creating a durable power of attorney in New Jersey - when and why?

In the event that something like Alzheimer's disease occurs to you and you are unable to act adequately on your own behalf, do you have the protections in place to safeguard your desires for your New Jersey estate and your affairs? If not, you should seek to create a durable power of attorney to avoid having the courts appoint a guardian on your behalf.

Hurricane Sandy debacle for elderly in nursing homes

Troubling news is coming out of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the Nor 'easterner that have recently hammered New Jersey and the Eastern seaboard. It appears that those in most need of assistance evacuating the storms and also most likely to suffer due to the cold and lack of provisions have in many ways been left to fend for themselves.

Some issues to consider with respect to special needs planning

Caring for a child with special needs is something that is close to the heart of a good number of Americans. This is a particularly important issue dealt with in estate planning. Many parents facing this issue aren't sure where to begin, though. While there are various facets and approaches to special needs planning, we'll offer some suggestions here for the issue as a whole.

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