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Not everyone in New Jersey has considered estate planning

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Estate Planning |

New Jersey residents are not unlike others in that many prefer to secure financial plans for their futures. However, some fail to include estate planning as part of those considerations. For those who have questions about the key elements of developing an adequate estate plan, there is legal help available in the area that may be of benefit to them.

At The Manna Helmy Law Group, a seasoned team of legal professionals is dedicated to assisting people in various states-in-life who wish to document their needs and desires with regard to distribution of assets and other important issues that may affect loved ones at the time of the estate owners’ deaths. Estate plans can be simple or complex, depending upon the details of an individual circumstance. Our law firm provides a full range of services to help a family plan for their future.

Many people find that they have particular areas of concern or anxiety when it comes to creating a plan that protects their family’s asset legacy. The Manna Helmy Law Group is prepared to help you develop an estate plan that accomplishes your goals and reflects your values. By exploring certain key issues, we can create a plan that best suits your needs and desires.

The size of an estate, whether children are involved, information about business ownership and other important issues are typically part of legal discussions about estate planning. You can contact our New Jersey office by calling the phone number listed on our website or using the convenient online contact form, also accessible on the site. You are under no obligation or cost for your initial consultation as we begin to help you determine how best to proceed in planning for your family’s future.