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Navigate Medicaid planning with help from a legal professional

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2015 | Medicaid Planning / Nursing Home Planning |

Medicaid planning is a complex process. Many New Jersey residents do not understand how to qualify or what they should do while Medicaid planning in order to secure the assistance they deserve. Legislation passed in recent years now makes it more important than ever to closely adhere to applicable laws and regulations. Violation of Medicaid laws can result in steep penalties, but our lawyers are here to protect clients from this possibility. 

In the past, a person may have been able to receive Medicaid benefits by simply transferring assets to family members. It is now no longer possible to do this, but there are lawful ways to retain or transfer assets. The laws regulating the transfer of assets are complex and confusing, but our ongoing experience with the system serves as an advantage to our clients. 

Our lawyers can evaluate a situation and determine the best strategy for qualifying for Medicaid benefits. If a person has been denied benefits, is afraid that he or she will face financial penalties or simply wants to know how to protect assets, it is best to begin with a complete case evaluation. This is the first step we take to provide our clients with a plan that is specifically suited to their unique needs. 

New Jersey residents have the right to seek legal assistance in order to obtain a beneficial solution to their legal issue. We are available to provide support and guidance through a rather complex legal matter. When Medicaid planning, allow us to help prevent unnecessary penalties and seek the best possible outcome.