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Taking time now for estate planning can reduce stress later

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2014 | Estate Planning |

Many in New Jersey may not want to think about end-of-life matters, but this is a subject area that deserves some attention. Estate planning, whether done as a young adult or later in life, can help ensure final wishes are made known and even reduce stress and frustrations for loved ones. While the estate planning process can seem overwhelming at first, taking the time complete it now will only prove worthwhile in the long-run.

No two lives or family situations are exactly the same; as such, estate plans can be written to suit all the details specific to an individual’s life. Even relatively simple estate plans have their own complexities which may include providing instructions for financial affairs, the need for tax minimization strategies, documenting health care directives or establishing durable powers of attorney. A variety of estate planning services are available to ensure all your specific needs are met.

One specific area of concern for some involves making special arrangements for a disabled family member. Devising an estate plan that doesn’t hurt the governmental assistance these family members are entitled to can take some creative planning. To learn more about the unique issues that may present themselves when constructing an estate plan to include disabled family members, please visit our Estate Planning Attorneys webpage.

With so much to consider in end-of-life planning, it is completely understandable for those looking to construct an estate plan to have questions. Seeking assistance from an experienced estate planning attorney in New Jersey can help answer those questions and more. Too many variables can affect a final estate, taking the time to plan for those now will only serve to protect you, your assets and your family members in the future.



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