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June 2014 Archives

Estate planning especially essential for women in New Jersey

Estate planning is critical for people of all ages and both sexes who want to ensure that they themselves are taken care of if their spouses and other family members die before they do. It also ensures that their offspring are provided for if they die. Estate planning is especially important for women in New Jersey. Here are a few tips for how women can create estate plans that will work best for them and their families.

When to review New Jersey estate planning needs

Once a New Jersey resident has completed the estate planning process, a sense of relief often follows. It is a great feeling to know that one’s final wishes have been outlined in a legal format, and that those who will eventually be left behind will have a road map for how to move ahead. However, it is important to understand that estate planning is a long-term process, and that one’s existing paperwork should be periodically reviewed to ensure that it remains in line with their plans and wishes.

Improper estate planning can lead to difficulties for family

One thing people in New Jersey can’t control in life is death. It often comes when people least expect it. If that person hasn’t engaged in appropriate estate planning, the surviving family members may be at a disadvantage in handling the estate. If there is not even a simple will, the assets may not be distributed according to the actual wishes of the individual who died.

Estate planning protects oneself and one's family in New Jersey

People usually like to spend their day thinking about enjoyable things, such as eating, doing fun activities or spending time with family. Pondering subjects such as taxes, incapacity and death is not preferred typically, which is why some people in New Jersey may avoid estate planning. However, having a strong estate plan is essential for taking care of a number of important issues, including what will become of any assets.

Estate planning is a gift to those who are left behind

Many articles focus on the various needs that individuals in New Jersey have in regard to planning their final financial or health matters. These needs are undeniably important, but there is another way to view estate planning, one that has nothing to do with the needs of the individual who begins and completes that process. Creating a clear and comprehensive estate plan is a gift that one gives to their loved ones, and can help ease what will otherwise be a difficult and emotionally stressful time.

Including the cost of higher education within estate planning

When considering one’s estate plan, many in New Jersey fail to recognize the flexibility that is available in determining how their assets can be put to use by future heirs. A great deal of customization is available when it comes to estate planning, and it is possible to set aside certain assets for specific purposes. Funding a loved one’s education is one such purpose, and there are a number of ways that this goal can be met.

Estate planning for New Jersey military members

Many of the men and women in New Jersey who serve within the American armed forces are young, healthy and have the bulk of their lives still ahead of them. Servicemembers are often focused on their duties to their country, and can overlook many of their personal needs. In regard to estate planning, many within the military neglect to address this important issue, feeling that such tasks are for a later time in life. In reality, however, it is never too early to begin estate planning.

Young, single, wealthy people have unique estate planning needs

When many people consider estate planning, the image that comes to mind is a couple who are nearing or within retirement and are sitting down to put their financial ducks in a row. This is one side of estate planning, but is not a complete picture. There are many in New Jersey who are young, single and wealthy, and who have their own set of estate planning needs.