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Michael Jackson’s estate facing lawsuit from Quincy Jones

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2013 | Probate |

Just when it seemed as if all of the fiasco surrounding Michael Jackson’s death may have subsided, producer Quincy Jones has brought forth a lawsuit against the deceased King of Pop’s estate. In a probate challenge that will likely be heard of from Bergen, New Jersey, to Honolulu, Hawaii, Jones is seeking at least $10 million from the estate.

Jones states that he was denied production and royalty fees after Sony Music Entertainment improperly re-edited several songs that Jones believes he should’ve been given the initial opportunity to re-edit. In addition, Jones claims that the music in the postmortem Jackson film, “This Is It,” should’ve included a producer’s credit with his name on it.

Jones worked side by side with the both famous and infamous pop star on what would become three of the singer’s most influential albums: “Bad,” “Thriller” and “Off the Wall.” Jones is also asking the courts to demand financial records from the estate in an effort to discover how much money the producer believes he’s entitled to. Jackson’s estate stated that Jones had been properly compensated for his services over several decades, and they also claimed to be saddened by the legal action.

Not all probate issues are as high profile as Michael Jackson’s, but similar difficulties can arise in just about any situation. Once an individual is no longer around to speak for himself or herself, there’s no telling how many people can come out of the woodwork to claim that they’re entitled to part of an estate. Regardless of whether a person is trying to protect their loved one’s assets or attempting to receive an inheritance that it rightfully theirs, an attorney may help clarify and secure an outcome that’s fair for those involved.

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