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February 2012 Archives

Clooney film offers handful of helpful estate planning lessons, P.2

In our previous post, we began looking at a recent Forbes article discussing surprisingly helpful estate planning lessons drawn from a recent George Clooney film which was nominated for Oscars in five different categories. The name of the film is "The Descendants."

Clooney film offers handful of helpful estate planning lessons, P.1

A recent Forbes article highlighted some of the estate planning lessons that were embedded-ironically enough-in a recent film called the Descendants. The film, starring George Clooney, was reportedly nominated for Oscars in a handful of categories.

Caring for pets that outlive you

Planning for the care of pets is among the tasks people include in the estate planning process. To some, it may seem silly, but for others, their animal friends are their world. For those who want their pets are cared for in the event of the death, it really is best to set up a plan rather than leaving it for others to figure out.

Gifting in 2012: take advantage of favorable esate planning conditions

As our readers may know, big changes may be in store for estate planners and their clients in 2013, and time is running out to take advantage of favorable estate planning conditions. In fact, the current situation is the most favorable estate and gifting environment since the creation of the Internal Revenue Code. Other favorable factors include historically low interest rates and widespread undervaluation of real estate