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April 2011 Archives

Avoiding probate: pay attention to how assets are owned

Although probate is not necessarily always a difficult process, many individuals want to set up their estates so that their assets avoid probate in order to save costs and avoid any possible hang-ups in distributing their assets once they die.

Lost or misplaced will: what to do? P.2

In our previous post, we began looking at what to do when a testator's will has been lost or misplaced. As we noted, the steps to be taken depend on whether the testator has died or still alive. In this post, we'll look at what to do if the testator is deceased and the original will is missing, but copies of the original remain.

Planning for long term care an important step to take

A recent article in the Pocono Record, written by executive director of Families USA Ron Pollack, discusses the importance of planning for long- term care and learning about all the options available as one makes that transition in life.