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August 2010 Archives

Uncertainty as Estate Tax Begins to Come Into Focus

From a time-based perspective, the soon-to-be-reinstated estate tax is just around the corner. By any other standard of measurement, the details regarding the federal estate tax, its exemptions and demands are anything but clear. At this point, if Congress does nothing, the estate tax will come back on January 1, 2011, allowing for a mere $1 million exemption and charging a 55 percent tax on all assets above that threshold.

With Estate Planning, if it's Not In Writing, it Might as Well Not Exist

Earlier this month, a Texas probate judge turned down a bid by Darla Lexington to stop the sale of five classic cars from her husband's collection - cars, she said, had been meant for her. The problem was that none of this was in writing.

Planning Your Future: Advance Care Directives

Advance care directives are detailed requests for specific medical treatment, or the withholding of certain treatment, in the event that you become disabled and are not capable of giving such direction.

All In the Family: Estate Planning With Everyone in Mind

Your estate plan is yours and yours alone. What you put in your will or the rules you designate for end-of-life care are only beholden to your discretion. Still, many times it pays to share your decisions and plans with the members of your family who will be affected by their implications.

New Jersey's Inheritance and Estate Taxes, Part One

As discussed last week, the federal estate tax is not the only tax to consider when planning your estate. New Jersey also levies an estate tax, as well as a tax on certain assets that are passed on after death. This second tax is referred to as an inheritance tax.

Nursing Home Planning - Picking the Right One

Much in the same way estate planning can help you prepare for your financial future, nursing home planning can help you prepare for future living situations and specific healthcare needs. When you become unable to live alone and care for yourself, you and your family will have to make some tough decisions.

Planning for Retirement - More than Just Estate Planning

Estate planning is extremely important for those hoping to retire in comfort, as well as protect and pass on assets to loved ones. Estate planning, while legal in large part, also has a more accessible side. You cannot do everything on your own, but you can do some things.