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June 2010 Archives

The Battle for Gary Coleman's Estate is On

The drama surrounding Gary Coleman's death is beginning to look like a mere taste of the main event, which is building up around the late actor's estate and allegations of coercion in the drafting of a new will. The main point of contention is Coleman's estate plan, which ex-wife Shannon Price and ex-girlfriend Anna Gray have both claimed the benefits of.

Probate - Avoidable, but Not Always

When an individual passes away, his or her estate may go into probate, a process by which outstanding claims are resolved and that individual's property is divided according to a will. In the probate process, which is overseen by the court, the will may be examined to ensure its validity and its executor is named.

The Fight Over Dennis Hopper's Estate - The Importance of Detailed Planning

The fight for Dennis Hopper's $40 million estate is in full swing and started, many noted, before the actor was even buried. The probate battle centers on Hopper's eldest daughter, Marin, and his estranged wife, Victoria Duffy. Galen Hopper, the actor's seven-year-old daughter will likely be a focal point of Duffy's argument for a share of the property.

Advance Directives - For Yourself and Your Family

Advance Healthcare Directives are a very important, yet often overlooked, step in planning for your future. Especially for the elderly and those with serious diseases, an advance healthcare directive can give both you and your loved ones peace of mind. If you are looking at estate planning, such as the creation of a will, take the time to ask about setting up an advance healthcare directive as well.

Building and Maintaining an Effective Estate Plan

Taking the time to create a comprehensive, thought out estate plan can save your family money, time and tension. Leaving vague instructions or putting all of your assets under the control of a single family member can cost your loved ones lots of money and cause rifts that last forever.

Welcome to Our Bergen County, New Jersey, Estate Planning Law Blog

I am pleased to welcome you to my new blog. My goal is to provide a sophisticated educational resource and source of legal news for readers who are interested in the issues of estate planning, gift and estate tax planning, asset protection, elder law, nursing home and Medicaid planning, probate and related issues in New Jersey and New York.