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Posts tagged "probate"

Beneficiaries under will have ways to enforce decedent's wishes, P.2

In our last post, we began discussing the difference between probate and non-probate property in the context of a discussion of what a beneficiary may do when they have not yet received their inheritance under a will. We continue that discussion here.

Beneficiaries under will have ways to enforce decedent's wishes, P.1

A recent article in the Star Ledger addressed the issue of what a beneficiary should do when they have been assured of receiving property by will but are disconnected from the process of estate administration, have no copy of the will, and have not yet heard anything concerning where the process of estate administration is at.

Avoiding probate: pay attention to how assets are owned

Although probate is not necessarily always a difficult process, many individuals want to set up their estates so that their assets avoid probate in order to save costs and avoid any possible hang-ups in distributing their assets once they die.

Lost or misplaced will: what to do? P.2

In our previous post, we began looking at what to do when a testator's will has been lost or misplaced. As we noted, the steps to be taken depend on whether the testator has died or still alive. In this post, we'll look at what to do if the testator is deceased and the original will is missing, but copies of the original remain.

Must-do's for Individuals Considering an Estate Plan, Part Two

Yesterday, we began to discuss a number of essential steps for anyone considering the creation of an estate plan. Today we're going to continue that train of thought, drawing from an excellent article by Steven Merkel, published on SFGate.com.

Estate Planning in the Age of Assisted Reproduction

Over the past 10 years, the number of families seeking the assistance of reproductive technology has doubled. As the possibilities for family planning have undergone dramatic changes, so have the options open to those wishing to plan their estate.

Four Things You Can Learn from Celebrity Estate Plans

When celebrity estate plans are covered in the news, it's usually not because they are particularly outstanding for any good reasons. Take Anna Nicole Smith's courtroom battles for part of her late husband's estate. Even though both of the main participants in this debate have since passed, the battle over assets continues.

Steve McNair's Estate Up in the Air

Last week, the judge overseeing late NFL quarterback Steve McNair's multi-million dollar estate allowed for the release of $2.5 million to McNair's widow and four sons. When McNair died in 2009, leaving an estate valued at more than $19 million and no personal will to speak of, the question of where his estate would end up immediately went to probate court.