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Posts tagged "will dispute"

Disinheriting a relative: The ins and outs

Contrary to popular belief, disinheriting someone-- that is, removing them from a will-- is not necessarily an act of betrayal or hatred. In fact, disinheriting relatives is surprisingly common, and it happens for a number of reasons. Some New Jersey parents, for example, may remove one child from their will because they want to be able to give more to another child, who may be struggling financially.

Body of "George Jefferson" buried after will dispute resolved

We have written before on this blog about the unfortunate situation with the body of actor Sherman Hemsley, famous for his role in "The Jeffersons." As our regular readers know, Hemsley's body has been in limbo due to a probate dispute, and has been prevented from being buried. Fortunately, the situation was resolved last Friday, when a Texas Court ruled in favor of Flora Enchinton, the woman Hemsley appointed as his sole beneficiary and the executrix of his estate.

Actor's body put on ice due to will dispute

Probate disputes can get pretty personal, but they don't often involve disputes over what to do with the estate owner's body. That is the case presently with the estate of Sherman Hemsley, the actor who played the curmudgeonly George Jefferson on the television series "All in the Family" and its spinoff "The Jeffersons."

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