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Posts tagged "living trust"

Living trust has benefits

Establishing a revocable living trust can prove wise, according to one estate planning attorney. What is a revocable living trust? It's a living trust established with your own assets and under your terms. It can be changed or terminated at any time before your death.

Estate Planning: Living Trusts

In her article, Price Mueller notes that living trusts are "sometimes touted as an absolute essential." As always, this is more or less true depending on your assets, your goals and how you hope to pass on parts of your estate. Still, there are a great number of reasons to consider the living trust as an essential part of your estate plan.

Estate Planning: Do I Need a Living Trust or a Personal Will?

On Monday, we discussed the importance of addressing estate planning before the year is up. Whether or not you can make the 2010 deadline, you should still make plans to sit down with an estate-planning attorney early in 2011 to look at your assets and opportunities.

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