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Posts tagged "inheritance"

Disinheriting a relative: The ins and outs

Contrary to popular belief, disinheriting someone-- that is, removing them from a will-- is not necessarily an act of betrayal or hatred. In fact, disinheriting relatives is surprisingly common, and it happens for a number of reasons. Some New Jersey parents, for example, may remove one child from their will because they want to be able to give more to another child, who may be struggling financially.

Winehouse's lack of will a reminder of the importance of estate planning

Our Bergen County readers may remember the news which came last July of the death of English singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, who tragically died of alcohol poisoning. According to recently released probate records, Winehouse had about 4.6 million in U.S. dollars to her name, after taxes. Winehouse, it has been revealed, died without a will, and consequently her entire estate will be going to her parents.

Problem heirs require extra planning

Inheritance can be a tricky issue in more than one way. There are often hard feelings and rivalry often at play in decisions about who gets what or how much and how they will spend or use their inheritance. There are also practical considerations concerning the potential for complications down the road. Among those who may become problem heirs are adult children, caregivers, and children-in-law.

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