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Posts tagged "divorce"

Estate planning after divorce requires specific considerations

Estate planning is a multifaceted discipline in that it includes aspects of various specialties, from tax law, insurance, health care, Medicaid, and divorce law. With respect to divorce, estate planning requires a special approach. In addition to dealing with the formal submissions required to receive a divorce, some financial planning is in order.

Testamentary trusts can help keep inheritance in family

As some of our readers have experienced firsthand, divorce can have an impact on how one approaches estate planning. Conversely, the way one constructs one's estate plan can impact divorce. One of the ways it can do this is in the area of property distribution. For example, the way one leaves wealth to children can impact how property division is determined in the event a child gets divorced.

Problem heirs require extra planning

Inheritance can be a tricky issue in more than one way. There are often hard feelings and rivalry often at play in decisions about who gets what or how much and how they will spend or use their inheritance. There are also practical considerations concerning the potential for complications down the road. Among those who may become problem heirs are adult children, caregivers, and children-in-law.

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