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Posts tagged "advance health care directive"

Make sure your loved ones know what your final wishes are now

Many of us in New Jersey have some very specific requests for the ends of our lives, but if we want them fulfilled, we have to let our families and loved ones know about them now. It is important to work with both an estate planning attorney and family members to ensure that our final wishes are not ignored.

End of life conversations: the other half of end of life planning

End of life issues are very personal and can be difficult decisions for families to make on a number of levels. Because these issues are so serious, it is important to address them as part of one's estate planning, and well ahead of time. One good reason for this is to avoid a situation where the family cannot agree about how to care for you.

Is there a payoff to establishing a living trust?

Establishing a living trust has its benefits, but not necessarily all those typically hoped for. While some people may want to avoid probate court by having a living will in place, this may not be the best reason. In New Jersey, the costs of probate relate directly to the length of the will, specifically the number of pages, and have no connection to the value of the estate. This is something to keep in mind when doing estate planning, as is the fact that spending money to establish a revocable trust does nothing to save on death taxes.