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Posts tagged "advance care directive"

Planning Your Future: Advance Care Directives

Advance care directives are detailed requests for specific medical treatment, or the withholding of certain treatment, in the event that you become disabled and are not capable of giving such direction.

DIY Estate Planning - What You Miss Out On

Plenty of legal shortcuts have popped up on the Internet in recent years, promoting the benefits of bypassing professional lawyers and opting for DIY legal procedures. One of the biggest markets is, ironically, one of the last most people should be doing themselves.

Estate Planning - Protecting Your Future First

More often than not, estate planning is looked at as a way to ease the transition of an individual's assets to the custody of friends and loved ones. This is, indeed, what estate planning can and should be used for, but should it be the first priority of the forward-thinking estate planner?

Advance Directives - For Yourself and Your Family

Advance Healthcare Directives are a very important, yet often overlooked, step in planning for your future. Especially for the elderly and those with serious diseases, an advance healthcare directive can give both you and your loved ones peace of mind. If you are looking at estate planning, such as the creation of a will, take the time to ask about setting up an advance healthcare directive as well.