Welcome to Our Bergen County, New Jersey, Estate Planning Law Blog

I am pleased to welcome you to my new blog. My goal is to provide a sophisticated educational resource and source of legal news for readers who are interested in the issues of estate planning, gift and estate tax planning, asset protection, elder law, nursing home and Medicaid planning, probate and related issues in New Jersey and New York.

These legal areas involve complex interactions that impact the lives of retirees, the aged and their families. As an attorney with more than 30 years practicing in these areas of law, I have developed a particular interest in helping people understand these issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

After more than three decades, I know how to analyze the issues broadly as well as how to respond to detailed questions such as:

  • What income and capital gains tax consequences certain estate planning choices could have for people in your situation
  • How transfers or restructurings of assets could affect your Medicaid eligibility
  • Whether certain methods used to structure your estate will impact your family’s estate and gift taxes

How we deal with estate planning and elder law issues will have a profound impact on our families and futures. I hope to help my readers deal with them from a position of knowledge, so they can make sound decisions about how to protect their assets and provide for their loved ones.

I invite you to comment on my blog posts. If you have specific questions about your own situation or would like to speak with a lawyer, please feel free to visit my firm’s Web site or contact me online.


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