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July 2011 Archives

Dynasty trusts have seen increased popularity, P.1

A dynasty trust is a device used to pass money to multiple generations of descendants, paying as little estate tax as possible. Such trusts have no expiration date and don't require minimum distributions, so their assets can continue growing for an unlimited number of generations.

Asset protection planning: an important partner of estate planning, P.3

This is our third post in a series dealing with asset protection planning. Such planning, as we have said, is not identical to estate planning, but is a supportive adjunct with its own unique yet related goals and techniques.

Asset protection planning: an important partner of estate planning, P.1

One of the primary goals of estate planning is to preserve your wealth so that you are able to pass as much on to your family, friends, or other beneficiaries as possible. Making sure that wealth is secure from liabilities is an important element in passing it on the way you want. For that reason, asset protection is an important consideration when it comes to estate planning.

10 important matters to consider in estate planning, P.3

In our previous two articles, we have been discussing important areas to be aware of when thinking about estate planning. So far, we have mentioned the potential importance of maintaining harmony in the family, avoiding probate, taking advantage of asset protection opportunities, tax planning, keeping attorney's fees manageable and making sure to select successor fiduciaries and contingent beneficiaries in your estate plan. Here we offer some final suggestions.

10 important matters to consider in estate planning, P.1

Proactivity, as can be imagined-as opposed to acting out of necessity-is an essential aspect of effective estate planning. But it isn't always easy to decide which aspects of estate planning deserve the most or immediate attention.